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Alpha Omega Global was established in 2008 to assist US based companies to successfully compete in a global marketplace.

Our strategic approach to supply chain management and logistics was birthed from the need to diversify and educate small and medium size businesses on process improvement when conducting business internationally.


As a boutique firm by design, we have always seen ourselves as extended team members that help our customers to impact lives around the globe with products that change the way people live. We believe in quality, not quantity. AOG prides itself in offering unique and personalized services to its clients as a boutique firm. As the business grows, the “boutique” experience will remain as our top priority. Our passion to see others grow drives us but our integrity directs us.


What sets Alpha Omega Global apart from the competition?

  • Our People

  • Our Relationships

  • Innovative Solutions

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Strategic Mix of Technology and Research Capabilities




Beyond offering supply chain and logistics consulting services, our team at Alpha Omega Global commits time to building low-income communities and supporting non-profits with accomplishing their missions through volunteer hours or membership.

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